Our Values

The Role of Teachers in the BfP Program

March 25, 2015 Bikes for the Philippines Foundation

The success of the BfP program begins with the desire of teachers, faculty, and staff to give their underprivileged students and SARDO's (Students at Risk of Dropping Out) a better chance in life. Like us, they see the bicycle as...

Paying It Forward Through Mentoring

October 23, 2014 Bikes for the Philippines Foundation

BfP encourages mentoring amongst bike recipients as a way of paying it forward. Older year levels and siblings teach younger students how to ride properly and maintain their bicycles.

Learning from Community Rides

December 08, 2013 Bikes for the Philippines Foundation

Baclayon, Bohol -- Bike beneficiaries of Baclayon National High School just before a community ride. These rides are important for the beneficiaries to experience actual road conditions. They can practice their lessons on traffic rules and regulations as well as proper riding techniques. We also hope that by learning these rules early on, we will have a new generation of better, more responsible drivers.

With Mobility, There is Education

November 15, 2012 Bikes for the Philippines Foundation

Baclayon, Bohol -- This is Lake Tiray. For some of these students, it is the first time they have seen this lake even though it is literally in their backyard. With their bicycles, our beneficiaries have gained mobility. And with that mobility, comes education.